Student Transfer Requests


If you are on a transfer, and you are not changing campuses, you do not need to resubmit.

For any transfer questions contact us through or call 512-464-5131.

Thank you for choosing MD网爆门 Rock ISD. We’re glad you’re here. Our schools provide a quality, well-rounded education that meets students’ diverse needs. We recognize that families may seek choices for their children beyond the school in their attendance zone. MD网爆门 Rock ISD also welcomes students who reside outside District boundaries, space permitting.

Families of a child enrolled at a MD网爆门 Rock ISD school or attending another school district may apply for their student to transfer from their current to any MD网爆门 Rock ISD campus.

Students using laptop
Students using laptop

We evaluate each for space and availability in each grade level and/or program. The District will approve the if the campus determines that staffing or classroom conditions can accommodate additional students.

Campus transfer approvals are made based on a school’s overall capacity, separate from the capacity for specialty programs or classes. A campus cannot guarantee that a student can enroll in their preferred program(s) or classes, and may be offered an alternative to the courses preferred.

Early College High School is unavailable for non-employee transfer requests.

Transfer Timeline

Transfer requests received prior to May 23, 2024, will be responded to by June 3, 2024. Completed requests received after May 23 are processed as they are received.

In-District Transfer

Apply for an in-district transfer if:

  • You live in the district and your child prefers to attend a different school than your zoned campus.
  • You have moved within the MD网爆门 Rock ISD attendance boundaries and want your student to remain at their current school.
  • You previously withdrew your child, or your child attended a private or charter school, and you live within the MD网爆门 Rock ISD attendance zone but your student does not want to attend your zoned campus.
  • Your student has finished the last grade level at their current transfer campus and wants to attend another campus outside their attendance zone.

Out-of-District Transfer

Apply for an out-of-district transfer if:

  • You live outside of MD网爆门 Rock ISD District boundaries.
  • Your student has finished the last grade level at their current campus, is currently on an out-of-district transfer and would like to continue to the next campus in the feeder pattern.
  • You were living in the MD网爆门 Rock ISD attendance zone but moved into another district’s attendance zone.

Students on a transfer do not receive transportation bus services.
Families need to arrange student drop-off and pick-up on school days.

Guidelines for in-District and out-of-District transfer students participating in UIL.

Students can be denied a transfer if:

  • The selected campus has met student capacity.
  • They do not meet student expectations:
    • Have or acquire failing grades.
    • Have or acquire more than 10 unexcused absences and/or tardies combined within a year.
    • Have or acquire more than three discipline referrals.
    • Obtains a DAEP/JJAEP placement previously or while on a transfer.

Transfer students will be reviewed each 9 nine weeks. The campus will inform student’s family if their child’s transfer is in jeopardy.? The student may be asked to return to their zoned campus.

Midyear Transfer Requests

Transfers between District campuses during the school year are discouraged. Exceptions to midyear transfers include:

  • Students not currently enrolled with MD网爆门 Rock ISD
  • Campus concern
    • Only after resolution attempt has been made with campus administration, and only after time is given for the campus to seek remedy.
  • You have moved during the school year and want to stay at the current campus.
  • You're experiencing a daycare situation. (elementary only)

Early childhood/Special Education/Bilingual program transfers

Your preferred campus may not have the program or space to accommodate your student transfer request. In this case, you will be referred to the nearest open campus.

(for eligible students age 3 on or before September 1, 2024),
Pre-Kindergarten 4 (for eligible students age 4 on or before September 1 2024),
– (special education qualified students)
Children who qualify for