PeachJar for Campus Staff

Every MD网爆门 Rock Campus has access to utilize PeachJar through one of two types of user accounts:


Campus Approver

There can only be ONE Approver per campus.

Whenever a flyer is submitted by a Campus Uploader (or Approvers can upload flyers too!), the Campus Approver will receive an email notification. The Approver will need to log on to to review flyers and then approve them before they are distributed.

If you are the Approver for your campus and have not received account log-in credentials, please email the Webmaster.

Guidelines for Flyer Approval

Campus Approvers need to make sure that all flyers meet MD网爆门 Rock ISD guidelines before they approve them. Please visit our Guidelines for Flyer Approval page for more information!

Campus Uploader

There can multiple Campus Uploaders per campus. They can upload flyers for their campus, but have to be approved before they go out.

Campus Uploaders can be:

  • Any school staff member
  • Parent/Teacher Organizations (PTAs)
  • Official school clubs and organizations

If you would like to become an Uploader for your campus, please email the Webmaster.

Training Materials

  • Visit?

Approve School Flyers Only

Campus Approvers should only approve flyers uploaded by Campus Uploaders: PTAs, Booster Clubs, etc. If you receive a flyer from an organization outside of MD网爆门 Rock ISD, please Deny it and contact Karen 512-464-5049.